How To: Choose The Right Platform

In this article, we delve into what to consider when you have to choose the right platform when you are setting up your online casino. There are plenty of options out there, each promising to be the one to suit your every need but all the technical jargon could become too much if you’re not well acquainted with the intricacies of it.

What Is An Online Casino Platform?

Before you choose the right platform, you have to know what the right platform is, right? An online casino platform is all about the software that makes it run. You would never see the software itself in action but you will definitely be using it when playing the games at a casino- in short, it is the backend programming that manifests whatever you see when you log in to an online casino. It is the machinations behind the placing of a bet on your favourite casino slot through to the dishing out of payments through the casino cashier.

Platforms make casinos run. You cannot have an online casino without a platform and the better the platform you are using, the more efficiently your online casino will run- we’re talking about fewer bugs, fewer downtimes, even fewer calls to the casino customer care line and in general, happier clients. The software is designed to be dependent on the punter’s browsers plug-ins such that if a client does not have either Java, Macromedia Flash or Macromedia Shockwave support, games cannot be accurately represented. For a platform to run efficiently, the customer must have a sufficient bandwidth since all the functionality is directly dependent on the efficiency of the internet.

Casino Platform Providers

Here are a couple platform providers who can ensure that your casino runs efficiently: 1., a reliable software provider whose products boast of top-notch innovation like CASEXE, WhiteLabel, the multipurpose configurator promising snappy integration of payment systems, low expenditure in the initial phases of project development, and all around support from the CASEXE experts even with matters to do with Technical and Legal snarl-ups. What’s more, the casino operator may not need to procure any other license and may instead, operate under the CASEXE license directly!

There is also Everymatrix, an online casino platform developer, offering over 2000 games from 30 tier one gambling service providers. What’s more, the operator could keep a tab on each casino gamer’s activity and offer bonuses and promotions tailored in accordance to the punter’s gaming patterns. These providers could also have your casino support up to 50 different payment methods at a time. Honourable mentions include NYX Gaming, a provider whose name you might have already heard. They even have a portfolio named “Move” that targets mobile devices.

How To Choose the right platform

How To: Choose the right platform, A summary

In summary, yes, you may be spoiled rotten when it comes to the choices you have when you’re to choose the right platform for your casino to run smoothly, but what you must always keep in mind is exactly what you would like your casino to be known for: if its the speed of payment, seek out for a casino platform which makes your cashier fast. If you would like gaming variety, opt for a casino platform that provides you with just that. If you would like a platform that keeps on giving more, try one that is compatible with Microgaming which provides you with 2 new slot releases on a monthly basis. The choices are endless, but it all comes down to what YOU want.