How To: Get The Followers To Watch

In social media, everyone want to have as many people as possible following them and watching what they post. Getting new followers is an issue everyone faces when live streaming. One of the most common ways of getting more viewers is promoting your live streams on social media and hoping that people can randomly watch your broadcasts. There are other numerous methods that can be used effectively to increase viewership.

How To: Get The Followers To Watch

How To: Get the followers to watch depends on he type of media you post and the type of clientele you want to serve. Viewership can be increased through the use of symbols on the title of the broadcast such as @ and # when you want to focus on a particular name of business and interviewing people to increase the credibility of the information shared.

How To: Get The Followers To Watch Using Hash Tags

Using hashtags when making videos enable the viewer to pay particular attention on the words under hash tag. Different social media platforms allow you to use a certain number of hash tags on a word or phrase where emphasis is required. When the symbol is used within a word, it points out your keywords and topics of interest as well as facilitating search. Whenever you add a hash tag on your post, it is indexed by the specific social media network and makes it discoverable by other users.

How To: Get The Followers To Watch Using (@)

The @ symbol was previously used for emails before the social media gained footing. When the symbol is used before a word, it transcends beyond your network. The aim of @ for social media sites is to streamline the language across networks where each service makes itself approachable to users especially marketers. When the symbol is used with a word, it creates a connection to friend, video or a story where the reader can follow to view, read or watch broadcast.

How To: Get The Followers To Watch (Interviews)

Using a live interview is one way that you can increase your viewership as a marketer or a promoter. Valuable audience engagement requires both quality and quantity that cannot be realized with clicks and views but getting more concerned with other marketing metrics such as activity response and reach. Interviews with real person increases the audiences trust and the credibility of the information shared, and this may expand the audiences, sphere of knowledge and understanding of the shared content.